Compounding Pharmacy

Compounding Pharmacy

We are a Certified Compounding Pharmacy

There was once a time in which all of the world’s pharmacists compounded medications by combining different active ingredients to create a drug tailored to the needs of an individual patient. That era is largely over and today, few pharmacies are licensed as we are for pharmaceutical compounding. Instead of being compounded for individual patients, medications are manufactured and distributed in standardized doses. Unfortunately, medication doses aren’t always right for certain patients.

The dosage of a medication isn’t the only aspect that might present a problem for a patient with special needs. For example, vegetarians might object to capsules encased in gelatin, while others might be allergic to certain binders and fillers. You might even experience better results by taking a medication in a different form such as a liquid rather than a capsule.

If manufactured medication isn’t right for you, ask how our compounding pharmacists can help. In addition to changing the forms of medications and removing certain ingredients, we can also combine medications and add flavors for easier administration.



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