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AllCare Pharmacy strives to be the leader in community based pharmacy and diabetes care. We will set the standard of excellence through customer service, patient care, and employee satisfaction. We strive to be the single resource for the complex needs of our diabetic patients and the community.

Meet the Pharmacist

Information about our Pharmacist is unavailable at this time. Feel free to contact our pharmacy with clinical needs or specific questions about your orders.

Pharmacy Notes

How safe is your medicine cabinet? Medications and other health and beauty aids lose their potency over time, and can even cause harm if used after the expiration date. Make a point of going through you medicine cabinet regularly to remove any expired items. Learn more about our Drug Take Back Program here.

Health Tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water. Your body needs six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. Don`t wait until you feel thirsty to take a sip you`ll need the water long before you feel it.


We specialize in respiratory care, durable medical equipment, osteoporosis, ostomy and incontinence, herbal medicines, homeopathic medicines, and diabetic supplies.

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