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How we can help

If you have diabetes, you know that living a full and healthy life requires you to monitor your blood glucose levels at all times. This requires a reliable blood glucose meter as well as a constant supply of lancets and test strips. We understand that these supplies are expensive; that’s why we accept all of the most popular health insurance programs including Medi-Cal, ADAP and Medicare Part B and D. You may be able to obtain all of your diabetic supplies with no up-front costs — we’ll bill your insurance provider for you.

If you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and are unsure how best to manage it, schedule a consultation with one of our pharmacists. We’ll explain how to calibrate and use a blood glucose meter, tell you when and how frequently to check your blood glucose levels and explain some of the meal and lifestyle changes that you can make to help avoid sudden changes in your blood glucose level. During the consultation, we can also help you plan your purchases to keep your costs as low as possible.

We understand that your time is valuable. To help simplify the process of purchasing and restocking your diabetic supplies, we are happy to assemble a 90-day diabetic supply kit for easy pickup at AllCare Pharmacy. Alternatively, ask us about our free home delivery program within Monterey County.


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