Orthopedic Products In Salinas

Orthopedic products are designed to provide comfort and help you retain the fullest possible range of motion following injury or surgery. Orthopedic products can provide comfort throughout the day or, if you’re a weekend warrior, orthopedic products can help prevent further injuries. At AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply carries a comprehensive selection of orthopedic products to assist in your recovery from many types of injuries. If your doctor has recommended that you purchase orthopedic products, below is a sampling of what you’ll find at AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply.

Back and Neck Support

Back and neck support products aren’t solely for injury sufferers — they can also help to improve your posture and reduce the risk of injury from everyday activities. Consider a back support strap, for example, if you are required to lift heavy objects at work. If you work in an office, adding an orthopedic support cushion to your chair can significantly reduce the back and neck pain experienced while using a computer. We also carry cervical support and traction devices to aid in recovery from neck injuries.

Leg and Foot Support

Recovery from a leg injury can be lengthy and painful, especially if you have to remain active and continue working during the recovery process. Orthopedic supports help to reduce the strain on your knees, ankles and feet, allowing you to continue moving throughout the recovery from many types of injuries. For example, a knee brace is ideal for many types of leg injuries. By lifting the kneecap and keeping it stationary, the brace eases discomfort on the patellar tendon and allows you to continue walking.

Elbow, Wrist and Hand Support

Like our leg supports, orthopedic products for the arms, wrists and hands work by protecting and limiting the movement of sensitive or injured areas while still giving you the freedom of movement to go about your daily tasks. If your work involves constant computer use, consider an orthopedic wrist support to prevent or relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply also carries therapeutic gloves and elbow braces.

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