Drug Take Back In Salinas

Drug take back program

Do you have expired supplements and prescriptions in your medicine cabinet?

Nearly 90 percent of deaths from poisoning are caused by drugs (Reference) — almost 80 percent of which are unintentional. To help prevent accidental drug overdose and keep prescription medications out of the hands of children, it is crucial that you dispose of your unused and expired medication. For decades, people in the United States were widely encouraged to simply use their toilets to flush their unused medications. However, this has resulted in unforeseen environmental problems. A 2008 study conducted by the United States Geological Survey found that as many as 80 percent of our streams and rivers may be contaminated by flushed contraceptives, steroids, hormones and antibiotics. Although flushed water undergoes treatment before being released into the water supply, trace amounts of medications pass through treatment plants. This has resulted in hormonal and behavior changes in fish and other aquatic life.

Bring your unused medications in a clear Zip Lock bag to AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply to prevent the impact that their unsafe disposal might have on the Salinas water supply. We are happy to accept all forms of prescription and over-the-counter medication for safe disposal through an FDA-approved facility. In all, AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply’s drug take-back program has kept more than 1,100 pounds of unwanted medication from contaminating our local environment and harming our wildlife. To participate, simply bring your unused medications in a clear Zip Lock bag to our pharmacy counter.


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