Determining Life Expectancy with the Sitting Rising Test (SRT)

Determining Life Expectancy with the Sitting Rising Test

It’s a sad fact, but many of us don’t live the healthiest lifestyles that we can. Some of us are prone to poor health either way. The big question is how do these factors impact your estimated life expectancy overall? Can you really determine how long you’ll live with or without numerous medical examinations? Discovering your estimated life expectancy is actually quite simple and doesn’t require any trips to the doctor. This is achieved through a Sitting Rising Test or SRT.

Brief History of the Sitting Rising Test

Invented by the Brazilian medical professional, Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo, the SRT is designed to determine your chances of dying within the next five years by testing how much stress your heart can handle before it shows signs of fatigue. Testing the strength of the heart through stress tests is not a new practice. Doctors have been using it in medical environments for years to help determine estimated longevity and risk of heart attacks and heart disease. However, the SRT was created to allow anyone to estimate their longevity in their own home.

In fact, the SRT could be more effective than the stress tests commonly implemented in hospitals. Typical cardiac stress tests involve aerobic tasks such as walking, running or biking. However, Dr. Araujo discovered that other actions such as bending over, lifting objects and balancing also put stress on the body and heart in other ways that help truly test the body’s endurance and health.

Understanding the Point System

  • Going down into a sitting position is worth five points.
  • Getting up into a standing position from the sitting position is worth another five points.
  • Points will be deducted based on certain actions.
  • Each occurrence of using a hand, arm or knee to support you as you try to go up, down or trying to achieve the proper seated position will result in a point deduction.
  • You lose a half point for every time that you lose your balance.
  • For every point that you keep, your mortality rate from natural causes will be estimated at being 21% lower over a five year period.
  • Scores below three have estimated mortality rates from natural causes at being five times higher than average.

Performing the Sitting Rising Test

The main goal of the SRT is to achieve a sitting position and stand up from the sitting position with as little assistance as possible. While this may not seem like a big chore, it’s more of a strain on the body than you might think. This is especially true considering just how the test is meant to be performed.

The first step is preparation. Put on some comfortable and preferably stretchy clothes to ensure that your body’s not being strained anywhere while performing the test. It’s also a good idea to go barefoot to allow maximum mobility. Ensure that at least one person is nearby to help you with the test. This is to prevent injury, provide assistance if necessary and ensure that the test is being performed properly.

Finally, it’s time to perform the test. Cross your feet and get into a seated position. Take your time, and don’t be preoccupied with trying not to support yourself. This is especially important if you have back or leg problems. If you need help, then it’s more important to get it than risk injury. Once you’re properly seated, try to get into a standing position. Tally all violations and subtract them from ten to determine your final score.

Remember, the point of the test is to measure your overall health in response to common actions that cause stress on the body. Don’t take your results as great or terrible news since several factors can come into play both in your results and your health. Take the test as an indicator that you should adopt better health strategies or continue using the ones that you’re already practicing. You can improve your results, your health and increase your life expectancy with some hard work and diligence.

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Love and Health_Salinas, CA Pharmacy

Being in love has a lot of surprising health benefits. It can help people cope with stress, lower blood pressure, and even lead to faster healing. Love can also lead to a longer, happier life. While Valentine’s Day is filled with short-lived flowers and candle-lit dinners, a life filled with love can produce much longer-lasting benefits. Here a just a few of the ways love impacts health.

Better Stress Management

While people who are in love may have to deal with the same amounts of stress as the rest of us do, they are better equipped to manage it. That’s not true for people in brand new relationships, though. The early stages of a relationship can induce new types of stress into people’s lives before they’ve had time to develop the bond that leads to better stress management. Long-term couples, however, do get the benefits that come with close bonding. Having someone who loves you means having emotional support you can depend on, and it makes the various things life throws your way easier to cope with.

Lower Cortisol Levels

Sleeping in the same bed with the person you love can reduce stress cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone that regulates blood pressure, releases insulin, and improves immune function. Having this hormone is a good thing, but having too much of it is not. It’s known as “the stress hormone” because it’s responsible for some changes in the body when dealing with stress. Stress causes the body to produce high levels of cortisol, and high cortisol levels have a number of negative health effects. It’s better to keep cortisol levels low in the long term, and improved stress management that comes with being in love helps people do just that.

Better Sleep

Studies have also shown sleeping next to the apple of your eye can mean better sleep. Getting the right amount of deep sleep has a number of health benefits. During sleep, the body recharges itself. If people don’t get enough sleep, or if their sleep is interrupted throughout the night, they don’t get into the most important phase of sleep: REM sleep. It’s during this phase that most of the benefits of a good night’s sleep happen, and without it people feel groggy, unrested, and generally unwell. Sleeping next to the person you love means better sleep with all its health benefits.

General Health

All these factors combined may explain why people who are in love seem to experience better health in general. They have to go to the doctor less frequently, and they tend to have better immune systems. People who are in long-term, loving relationships even get colds less often. For people in long-term loving relationships, the benefits even extend beyond their general health and include their mental health as well. People in loving relationships experience depression less often than people who are more isolated. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, be sure stay connected with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be romantic love to provide some health advantages.

Overall Sense of Well-Being

Love and pleasure stimulate overall health and also a general sense of well-being. For that reason, it’s important to nurture relationships. Studies have shown that people in long-term relationships are happier in general than those who are not. Some studies have even indicated that this is a more important factor in overall happiness than money. The part of the brain responsible is the same part that responds to joyful activities, so embrace joy in whatever you do.

Whether you’ve already found that special someone or are still waiting for the right person to come along, having loving relationships with friends and family can provide some of these heath benefits, too. If cupid’s arrow hasn’t struck yet, don’t worry about it. If it has, be sure to continue nurturing that relationship. The greatest health benefits go to the people whose love lasts the longest.
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AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply is your neighborhood Salinas Pharmacy,  you are welcome to stop in for a visit to meet the staff, pharmacists and see the great deals that will help you provide better healthcare for yourself and your loved ones.