How to Choose a Mobility Scooter That’s Right for You

How to Choose a Mobility Scooter That's Right for You

Mobility scooters offer the perfect solution for people with limited mobility to navigate through parks, malls and stores. Many people prefer mobility scooters to wheel chairs because they offer a faster mode of transportation, and they require less physical effort to maneuver. Mobility scooters also enable people to maintain their independence.

There are several factors to consider that will assist you in selecting a mobility scooter that will meet your needs. Think about your lifestyle, daily activities and current physical capabilities when selecting a scooter to purchase.

Does the mobility scooter have safety features?

The goal of owning a mobility scooter is to navigate through your daily activities safely. When you purchase a mobility scooter, one of the considerations should be the type of safety features it offers. A safe mobility scooter should have anti-tip mechanisms and a stable base.

How much weight will the mobility scooter carry?

Not only must you consider your weight, you must consider the weight of the objects the scooter will carry. Items that add weight to the scooter are grocery bags, oxygen tanks and handbags.

Will your insurance company cover the expenses for a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters can cost thousands of dollars. If an insurance company pays for the scooter, there are certain criteria that must be met.

  • You must have a medical requirement for the scooter.
  • You must not be able to use walkers, wheel chairs or canes.
  • You must have a need to use the scooter inside and outside of your home.
  • Your doctor must explain the medical necessity of getting a mobility scooter.

Do you have the means to transport and store a scooter?

Scooters require ample space in order to be stored and transported. Although some scooters may be disassembled during transportation, a person needs to have the strength to reassemble the mobility scooter. In addition, there must be enough space in the home to store the mobility scooter with ease.

What type of features do you need?

Mobility scooters come with various features such as rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, 12 or 14 volt batteries and electronic braking systems. Depending upon your lifestyle, some of these features will not be useful for you. You have to choose the features that will fit your needs.

What are the maintenance costs of the mobility scooters?

Many people forget to consider to factor the costs associated with the maintenance of the scooter. Things to consider are the cost of new batteries and wheels. In addition, you may want to consider whether you have to buy a maintenance plan in case some of the parts are damaged and defective.

Are you physically able to maneuver a mobility scooter?

Although you can purchase a lightweight model of a mobility scooter, you must possess the physical strength, dexterity and mental faculties to maneuver it. Operating a scooter is similar to operating a car. You have to be able to handle it well enough not to compromise the safety of yourself and others.

What size scooter do you need?

The size of your scooter should be in proportion to the size and layout of your environment. If you live in a large home with wide hallways, then you have the space to maneuver a large scooter. However, if your home does not have a lot of space for movement or storage, then you should purchase a smaller model.

There are various models of mobility scooters on the market. Purchasing a mobility scooter is like purchasing a car. There is no ‘one size fits all’ mobiity scooter. You should select a scooter that accommodates your needs and lifestyle.

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Benefits of Compression Wear

Most of us understand the many benefits of proper exercise. However, if you suffer with poor circulation, you can be putting yourself at risk when you engage in your regular fitness regimen. While there are a number of pharmaceutical options available, the side effects can often be enough to make many sufferers simply cope with their problem. If you are suffering with this issue, there is an answer in compression wear.

Compression socks and sleeves are designed to apply a large amount of compression around the areas furthest from the heart and gradually reducing in pressure as they near the heart, and research has shown that this method can successfully increase your overall circulation. The trick lies in the graduated compression. When the cross sectional area of the veins are decreased, you create a pressure gradient.

These claims were put to the test when repeat analysis was performed on cricket players. During sprint and throwing performances, players displayed an overall lower body temperature and fewer reports of muscle soreness 24 hours after exercise. Further studies have shown compression wear reduced impact by 27 percent when compared to standard American football pants. There are a number of reasons why incorporating the use of compression wear will prove beneficial.

Long Day On Your Feet

If you spend long hours on your feet everyday, it is likely you have experienced swelling. A 2005 study from Denmark revealed that there are potential side effects if you are in this position. Their results showed that standing up during 75 percent of your day is directly related to an increase in the chance you will require hospitalization for varicose veins. Similarly, a study conducted in 2000 linked hardening arteries to standing for extended periods of time.

Since compression wear stimulates circulation, its of little surprise that they have been shown to limit swelling after a long day on the job. This also holds true if you tend to experience swelling after taking part in other physical activities.

Added Protection

Staying active ensures health, and this can mean a day out hiking, hunting, or otherwise interacting with nature. While in the outdoors, there are a number of hidden dangers such as thorny bushes, poison ivy and other hindrances that can cause a scrape or abrasion. When wearing compression wear, you have an additional layer of protection. The material makes it far more difficult for foreign objects to infiltrate. Not to mention you will feel better at the end of the day considering the benefits this type of clothing has when you’re on your feet for long periods.

Boost Your Workout

We often go to great lengths to keep the best appearance possible, and this can involve grueling hours spent at the gym running on the treadmill and lifting weights. All too often, however, people feel they are not getting the results they believe they should given their efforts. As these unique clothing articles have proven to promote proper circulation, you may find that you are more efficient in the gym. Furthermore, the risk of developing varicose veins resulting from regular weight lifting or other exercise could possibly decrease, helping further promote an attractive appearance. Best of all, you can enjoy relaxing at home after a busy day and bask feeling less overall pain.

A Whole New You

Nobody deserves to suffer with pain and discomfort, and you should not have to rely only on drugs to achieve the relief you are looking for. There are numerous benefits of compression wear, and all you have to do is get dressed in the morning. Making the one-time purchase of these effective garments may prove to be the greatest investment you ever make.

Determining Life Expectancy with the Sitting Rising Test

It’s a sad fact, but many of us don’t live the healthiest lifestyles that we can. Some of us are prone to poor health either way. The big question is how do these factors impact your estimated life expectancy overall? Can you really determine how long you’ll live with or without numerous medical examinations? Discovering your estimated life expectancy is actually quite simple and doesn’t require any trips to the doctor. This is achieved through a Sitting Rising Test or SRT.

Brief History of the Sitting Rising Test

Invented by the Brazilian medical professional, Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo, the SRT is designed to determine your chances of dying within the next five years by testing how much stress your heart can handle before it shows signs of fatigue. Testing the strength of the heart through stress tests is not a new practice. Doctors have been using it in medical environments for years to help determine estimated longevity and risk of heart attacks and heart disease. However, the SRT was created to allow anyone to estimate their longevity in their own home.

In fact, the SRT could be more effective than the stress tests commonly implemented in hospitals. Typical cardiac stress tests involve aerobic tasks such as walking, running or biking. However, Dr. Araujo discovered that other actions such as bending over, lifting objects and balancing also put stress on the body and heart in other ways that help truly test the body’s endurance and health.

Understanding the Point System

  • Going down into a sitting position is worth five points.
  • Getting up into a standing position from the sitting position is worth another five points.
  • Points will be deducted based on certain actions.
  • Each occurrence of using a hand, arm or knee to support you as you try to go up, down or trying to achieve the proper seated position will result in a point deduction.
  • You lose a half point for every time that you lose your balance.
  • For every point that you keep, your mortality rate from natural causes will be estimated at being 21% lower over a five year period.
  • Scores below three have estimated mortality rates from natural causes at being five times higher than average.

Performing the Sitting Rising Test

The main goal of the SRT is to achieve a sitting position and stand up from the sitting position with as little assistance as possible. While this may not seem like a big chore, it’s more of a strain on the body than you might think. This is especially true considering just how the test is meant to be performed.

The first step is preparation. Put on some comfortable and preferably stretchy clothes to ensure that your body’s not being strained anywhere while performing the test. It’s also a good idea to go barefoot to allow maximum mobility. Ensure that at least one person is nearby to help you with the test. This is to prevent injury, provide assistance if necessary and ensure that the test is being performed properly.

Finally, it’s time to perform the test. Cross your feet and get into a seated position. Take your time, and don’t be preoccupied with trying not to support yourself. This is especially important if you have back or leg problems. If you need help, then it’s more important to get it than risk injury. Once you’re properly seated, try to get into a standing position. Tally all violations and subtract them from ten to determine your final score.

Remember, the point of the test is to measure your overall health in response to common actions that cause stress on the body. Don’t take your results as great or terrible news since several factors can come into play both in your results and your health. Take the test as an indicator that you should adopt better health strategies or continue using the ones that you’re already practicing. You can improve your results, your health and increase your life expectancy with some hard work and diligence.

About AllCare Pharmacy | Salinas, CA

AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply is your neighborhood Salinas Pharmacy,  you are welcome to stop in for a visit to meet the staff, pharmacists and see the great deals that will help you provide better healthcare for yourself and your loved ones.

AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply is a community-based pharmacy that has serviced the Salinas area for more than 70 years. Their main focus is on providing excellent customer service, patient care and employee satisfaction. They provide a wide variety of healthcare services and make it a point to meet or beat the prices of other pharmacies.

Some of the services you can expect are:

• A single resource for diabetic patients
• Free delivery with a 100 mile radius with no minimum purchase required
• Automatic prescription refill monthly
• A phone call or text when your prescription is ready

Drug Take Back Program

AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply takes its community service very seriously. They have a Drug Take Back program that keeps unused prescription drugs out of the hands of abusers and out of the local water supply. They provide access to an FDA-approved company that disposes of prescription drugs in an environmentally responsible way. Unused medications left in a cabinet can be stolen by a child or guest and given or sold to prescription drug abusers. They can also be taken after the expiration date and cause harm or not be effective because of lost potency. These drugs may also be washed down the sink or toilet. You can also help protect the community by bringing them back to AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply.

Home Medical Equipment

AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply wants to simplify your life by providing a wide selection of home medical equipment that you can see and use before you make a decision. Whether you need to rent a wheel chair for a few weeks or would like to purchase one, you can find exactly what you need. From lightweight wheel chairs to rolling walkers, you’ll find what you need or it will be found for you.

You’ll find mobility equipment that is expertly designed and engineered with the latest technology and intelligent features to help include more mobility in your lifestyle. Whether you need a boost getting out of your comfortable chair or would like to get more exercise with a roller walker, you’ll find a big selection in the showroom at AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply. The knowledgeable and experienced staff will answer your questions.

You can test drive a scooter or experience the comfort of several kinds of specialty chairs including seat lifts. You can also select from a variety of commodes, home bath and safety equipment and much more to make you home safe and comfortable for an elderly person or someone recovering from an illness or injury.

You may not know where to begin selecting specialty equipment. The staff at AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply can help you select the right equipment and show you how to use it properly. You’ll also find a huge selection of braces, supports and splints, and you won’t be overwhelmed by the prices.

If you’re looking for long term care items such as compliance packaging or blister packaging, you can get exactly what you need.

AllCare Pharmacy & Medical Supply specializes in:

• Respiratory care
• Osteoporosis
• Ostomy and incontinence
• Diabetic Shoppe including an initial consultation with the pharmacist and testing supplies including meters, strips and lancets delivered right to your door

We also offer a selection of herbal medicines and homeopathic medicines. Everything you need is in one place, and you can be confident that it is competitively priced. They guarantee the same low price you may be getting from another source or to deliver an even lower price.

If you live in the Salinas area, you are fortunate to have the services and healthcare products of AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply nearby. You no longer need to shop around for the best price or equipment. Taking good care of its customers has been AllCare Pharmacy and Medical Supply’s goal for the past 70 years and continues as strong as ever. It is your local, neighborhood pharmacy and you are welcome to stop in for a visit to meet the staff, pharmacists and see the great deals that will help you provide better healthcare for yourself and your loved ones.