Benefits of Compression Wear

Benefits of Compression Wear

Most of us understand the many benefits of proper exercise. However, if you suffer with poor circulation, you can be putting yourself at risk when you engage in your regular fitness regimen. While there are a number of pharmaceutical options available, the side effects can often be enough to make many sufferers simply cope with their problem. If you are suffering with this issue, there is an answer in compression wear.

Compression socks and sleeves are designed to apply a large amount of compression around the areas furthest from the heart and gradually reducing in pressure as they near the heart, and research has shown that this method can successfully increase your overall circulation. The trick lies in the graduated compression. When the cross sectional area of the veins are decreased, you create a pressure gradient.

These claims were put to the test when repeat analysis was performed on cricket players. During sprint and throwing performances, players displayed an overall lower body temperature and fewer reports of muscle soreness 24 hours after exercise. Further studies have shown compression wear reduced impact by 27 percent when compared to standard American football pants. There are a number of reasons why incorporating the use of compression wear will prove beneficial.

Long Day On Your Feet

If you spend long hours on your feet everyday, it is likely you have experienced swelling. A 2005 study from Denmark revealed that there are potential side effects if you are in this position. Their results showed that standing up during 75 percent of your day is directly related to an increase in the chance you will require hospitalization for varicose veins. Similarly, a study conducted in 2000 linked hardening arteries to standing for extended periods of time.

Since compression wear stimulates circulation, its of little surprise that they have been shown to limit swelling after a long day on the job. This also holds true if you tend to experience swelling after taking part in other physical activities.

Added Protection

Staying active ensures health, and this can mean a day out hiking, hunting, or otherwise interacting with nature. While in the outdoors, there are a number of hidden dangers such as thorny bushes, poison ivy and other hindrances that can cause a scrape or abrasion. When wearing compression wear, you have an additional layer of protection. The material makes it far more difficult for foreign objects to infiltrate. Not to mention you will feel better at the end of the day considering the benefits this type of clothing has when you’re on your feet for long periods.

Boost Your Workout

We often go to great lengths to keep the best appearance possible, and this can involve grueling hours spent at the gym running on the treadmill and lifting weights. All too often, however, people feel they are not getting the results they believe they should given their efforts. As these unique clothing articles have proven to promote proper circulation, you may find that you are more efficient in the gym. Furthermore, the risk of developing varicose veins resulting from regular weight lifting or other exercise could possibly decrease, helping further promote an attractive appearance. Best of all, you can enjoy relaxing at home after a busy day and bask feeling less overall pain.

A Whole New You

Nobody deserves to suffer with pain and discomfort, and you should not have to rely only on drugs to achieve the relief you are looking for. There are numerous benefits of compression wear, and all you have to do is get dressed in the morning. Making the one-time purchase of these effective garments may prove to be the greatest investment you ever make.

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